How To Lose Weight Fast

Scroll through above for tips on how to lose weight fast

That couple of extra pounds, or what we like to coin ‘the extra layer’ pre-spring is something we all might experience in one form or another. It’s a beautiful combo of red wine, meaty meals and cold weather comfort foods…but now it’s warm out and we all kind of want to get beach/Hamptons ready. Nutritionist Mikaela Reuben gave us fifteen tips to incorporate into our regimens, that actually can help shed a few pounds fast.

Wellness-wise though – whether you want to actually lose weight or not – they’re also just good pointers. For example, skipping meals is a major don’t, and chewing slowly is a major do. Whether you want to shed pounds or not, it’s advice like this that’s just good to know. Peruse above for her fifteen must-read pieces of wellness-wisdom…

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