Go Alkaline With Soup

From Alkamind’s Dr. Daryl Gioffre

Move over, juice! Souping is all the rage. A tasty way to detoxify your body of acids and toxins, soup is also perfect for packing as many vegetables as possible into one meal. While juicing recipes don’t often include the pulps of vegetables, souping utilizes all parts, allowing it to retain all that fiber you’re missing out on in a juice. Not only is it nutritious, economical and cleansing – and easy to make – but soup also allows you to play around with all kinds of naturally alkalizing herbs and spices.

What better way to celebrate the return of warm-weather produce than by blending it into a refreshing soup? There’s nothing like chilled soup on a hot day. As a certified raw food chef, I’ve spent ample time developing raw soup recipes that are delicious, while also promoting alkalinity. In honor of “souping,” scroll through the above slideshow to find my top three favorite recipes.

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