Cilantro Is Like Jessa On Girls

If you have that pesky, predisposed gene where cilantro tastes like soap, then you have our deepest sympathies. We’re staunch devotees of this divisive herb (even though we know it’s one of those love/hate herbs), and always request an extra sprinkling on our tacos or avocado toast. Cilantro is like parsley’s mysterious, self-assured cousin who’s lived abroad, and says whatever is on her mind (like Jessa, in Girls). It’s an herbaceous workhorse that doesn’t apologize, rather it perpetually uses the hashtag #sorryimnotsorry for the serious flavor punch it imparts. Livening up anything it touches and instantly making it more exciting and enticing, we want it on everything, all summer-long. From salsas, pestos and, grilled meats to cocktails, salads, and smoothies, here are some of our favorite recipes with cilantro!
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