The Ultimate NYC Eggs Benedict Guide

We’re pretty sure weekends were designed for two things: sleeping in, and eggs benedict. This epic brunch mainstay is a treat we work all week for (you thought we did pilates for fun?) and we think our benedicts are worth every. damn. calorie. We love any iteration too — sub waffles for English muffins, lobster in lieu of Canadian bacon, or even avocado-spiked hollandaise. To those who say this dish is overdone and overrated, we say blasphemy.

What could be more blissful than delicately poached eggs bathed in luxuriously creamy hollandaise? Add a Bloody Mary to the mix, and you’ve achieved brunch nirvana. In an alternate universe, where calories are just inconsequential numbers, we’d eat eggs benedict all day erry’ day. But if there’s ever a day to indulge in this classic dish, it’s certainly today, National Eggs Benedict Day (as if we really needed a designated day to enjoy the greatest brunch invention ever created). We’ve scouted out the best bennies in the city, so high-tail it to the restaurant nearest you, and get your fix.

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