How To Make Water Taste Better

Above you’ll find 5 easy, incredible recipes to infuse your water. Why? Because with all the celebrities and models telling us on TNP that water is the key to staying healthy, we can’t really resist trying to find any and every way to hydrate deliciously. Water is good for skin, energy levels, aging, digestion…the list goes on and on. So the question isn’t why to drink more water, it’s how will you make yourself drink more water? By making it taste better of course.

We’ve infused it with ingredients like lavender, cucumber, basil and citrus…and so can you. Let’s face it, water is to adults what vegetables are to kids. We’re constantly being told to drink our water (as kids are told by their parents to eat their vegetables) but when push comes to shove sometimes water is super-dull to consume. Asked and answered…so get drinking.

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