How To Do A Big Brow

When we chatted with the guru of all things beauty on Youtube – Michelle Phan – she had this to say about what her ‘new potato’ is:

“The bigger the brow, the better the look. Big brows are back. I know people have been saying that for the past ten years, but in all seriousness, it’s the real deal. Big brows are truly back and they’re taking the fashion world by storm. I feel bad for the tweezer industry.”

Actress Nikki Reed also recently told us, “I haven’t let anyone pluck or tweeze my eyebrows” when we asked her what beauty mainstay hasn’t changed since her teen years.

The lesson? We’re sorry tweezer industry, don’t hate us, but we think we’ll side with Phan and Reed on this one for now in terms of eyebrow maintenance, especially after becoming recently obsessed with things like Glossier’s boy brow, or this brow pencil from Bobbi Brown. The truth it, there’s a delicious amalgam of things that can get you a big, bushy brow like Christy Turlington or Cara Delevigne…and it all starts with what’s in your cosmetics case. Peruse above for our favorite brow enhancers, and don’t forget to tread lightly at first…you wouldn’t want to overdo it the first time around.

Pair your bold brows with a nude matte lip. Or for more beauty tips see Malin Akerman’s 10 Beauty Essentials