The Workout Gwyneth Swears By

Who better than to offer eleven essential workout and health mantras above, than trainer-to-the-stars Tracy Anderson? We’ve all heard of her; her method is the one celebrities like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie swear by. Not to mention a few gorgeous tastemakers on our site, including Yasmin Sewell who said: “I’m obsessed with Tracy Anderson workouts. I stopped breastfeeding and started her program. She literally melted the baby weight away for me in eight weeks, and with both my consultancy clients and my work with être cécile, the short thirty minutes required every day is the perfect amount of time. I’ve practiced a lot of yoga, pilates and gyrotonics in my life. I love all three of these, but Tracy is just where I’m at right now!”

And of course, the gorgeous Sasha Alexander (who plays the Mrs. Robinson role on Shameless) told us: “I am committed to the Tracy Anderson Method for cardio dance and muscular work. It challenges me and make me sweat so much that I feel completely energized.” 

Last but certainly not least, model Molly Sims officially sold us: “After an hour of sweating it out at Tracy Anderson I feel like I can take on anything!” If you’re not scrolling through the tips above at the speed of light like we are, we just don’t know what to tell you.

Read the full interview with Tracy here. Try these quick at-home butt workouts