10 Beauty Essentials You Need

Tonight marks the nail-biting season finale of the Showtime drama Billions, and we can barely contain ourselves. Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman is one of our favorite things about the show. Not only is her acting on point, but so is her hair game. Her wavy blonde bob is enough to make us book our next salon appointment. With a luminous smile, infectious laugh, and laid-back personality, Malin is the ultimate girl next door (who we totally want to be friends with). We chatted with her a couple of months ago and couldn’t resist asking her about her beauty routine. Scroll through above to shop her favorite products…

“Because I wear a lot of makeup on set, it is really important to take all that caked on stuff off at night. I’ve gotten really into Josie Maran. Her products are amazing – really natural. I have an argan oil face wash I love – it takes off all the grime. I use spa water that is not quite a toner but I use it as one; it takes all the residue off. I also have this cream that I love called Embryolisse, which I’m very happy you can get anywhere now. It’s scent and fragrance free; I don’t do well with fragrances so this is a great one. I use it on a regular basis. Someone gave me La Mer cream, which once in a while I’ll put on. It’s quite thick but is nice to do kind of like a mask. I also like Dermalogica. They have a face scrub that is made out of rice. It’s like a powder scrub and it’s a really gentle exfoliator that I like to use once in a while. I don’t like the harsh exfoliates, and this one almost feels like it turns into clay. It’s beautiful. That’s basically it, there’s not much to it.

[For hair] I like Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner. I love the L’Oreal sulfite-free stuff, when you don’t want to spend a million dollars. When I have to put mouse in I use Wella mouseBumble and Bumble Texturizing Spray and Living Proof, which is like a smoothing cream. All of that is before I blow dry my hair, then I blow dry and use an Oribe Texturizing Spray that gives some texture.” – Malin Akerman

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