10 Tips For Putting Out Flowers

Who else to get ten essential tips for putting out flowers at parties than the man responsible for throwing parties for brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Cartier? Ron Wendt is the planner in charge of possibly every important party you’ve heard of, so when it comes to making a table with florals, he’s no doubt the expert. He gave us ten tips we’re living and dying by this spring…

1. Don’t be afraid of mixing colors. Spring is the time to fully embrace the colors and flowers of the season. We’ve waited all winter for them; don’t hesitate to celebrate them all in your seasonal tabletop decor.

2. It’s all in the vase. A vase can be a variety of items from china teacups and teapots to mason jars and glass bottles. What you place the flowers in can be as important as the flowers themselves. They add character, color and an element of décor that can elevate your tabletop design.

3. Don’t underestimate blooming plants. The bright purples, pinks, reds and yellows of primrose plants are irresistible this time of year. Planted in mass in a wooden box, or featured individually. Another bonus of plants is they will last long past the party.

4. Spring branches can make a big impact. Walking around we can start to see the signs of spring with the blooming Cherry and Dogwood branches. A few branches can make a large impression in your home. Placing tall vases with spring branches can brighten up a space and bring spring inside your home.

5. Keep the setting relaxed. Spring is the time to dine al fresco and leave the formal feeling of winter behind. Outdoor dining can be a great time to mix the bright floral colors of spring.

6. Simple natural table runners. The plants on your table do not only have to be floral arrangements or potted plants. Palm leaves and ruscus leaves make great table runners and add a pop of color to the table.

7. Use what you have. From your backyard to your china cabinet, there are spring design elements for your table. Check your backyard for natural blooming flowers, citrus branches and palm fronds, which can all, be great ways to fill you tabletop. Again remember you can add to the table décor by incorporating a variety of vases or keep it simple with a clear glass look.

8. One kind of flower does not have to be boring. A beautiful way to fill your table is by sticking with one type of flower. You can buy a few colors of a specific type of flower and make solid arrangements of one variety. These solid collections can really make an impact.

9. Guests can bring spring home. A series of tiny bud vases with bright cut flowers look beautiful as they flow down a table. The smaller arrangements can also double as party favors for guests to take home.

10. Take advantage of what is in season. There are so many great flowers available in spring such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinth. Your local flower market is filled with spring inspiration.

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