25 Hats You Need, Stat.

Meg Ryan said (in You’ve Got Mail) that¬†most hats are a mistake, and – not to go against the grain of one of our favorite movies ever – but we’d have to disagree.¬†Hats may not be for everyone, but they’re definitely for us and they’re definitely for spring. You may think you’re not a hat person, but you just might be and don’t know it yet.

Whether we’re suffering from an unfortunate case of bedhead or packing for a weekend at the beach, hats are one of our favorite quick make-you-look-like-you-tried-when-you-didn’t accessories. The right hat can round out an outfit the same way a rug brings together a room. It also will shelter your porcelain skin from those harmful UV rays. From cute baseball hats that channel our inner tomboy to classic floppy straw hats, we love them all. See our quintessential hat hit-list above!

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