An Affair To Remember At Twin Farms

As a jaded New Yorker, it can be hard to still have experiences that make you “ooh and ahh.” But when we travel to get away, we’d all like to awaken that inner kid in us whose eyes widen when the server brings over something they’ve never seen before, or who walks into a hotel room and marvels at the vastness of the space. Well we can tell you one thing: If you want to invoke this feeling as an adult, just tap your shoes together and repeat these words: “There’s no place like Twin Farms.”

Upon arriving at this property, an utterly heavenly oasis in Vermont, I was informed that if I needed anything I should just dial 1-2-5. I didn’t realize I was being given an extension that would be very hard to give up (I all but found myself forlornly attempting to dial it on my iPhone during the ride home). Twin Farms – an absolute gem from the geniuses over at Relais & Chateaux – seriously brings the definition of White Glove Service to a whole new level.

The escape is its own private destination. With a gate at the top that seems to separate it from the rest of the outside world, it’s a spot that you’ll find yourself never ever wanting to leave – and we mean that quite literally (we were just short of security having to escort us out at checkout). It’s a vast 300 acres of utter seclusion, befit with its own private ski mountain, an ever-changing innovative farm-to-table food program, hiking trails, spa, tennis court, ice skating lake, a beautiful pub with billiards and a croquet field.

Attention to detail is paramount in terms of the artwork, design and aesthetic of every element of the property. Take the cottage we were so generously put in for example: The Orchard. The space was peppered with David Bates artwork, a few sculptures recently delivered from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, two gorgeous fireplaces that served as bookends to the vast 1100 square foot space and Japanese-inspired decor that was perfectly minimalistic.

Each day is your oyster, as there are a slew of activities you can do, or you can simply sit in the perfectly-designed traditional Japanese bathhouse (yes they have one of those) and do nothing at all. Most importantly, the day is punctuated by meals, which are the main event of course. Breakfast was a sort of unbearably amazing breadth of possibilities: lemon soufflé pancakes filled with fresh Vermont strawberries, a pastry plate that changes every day, jam made from berries picked right outside the property and farm fresh eggs made in every and any variety possible. For both lunch and dinner, the menu is never revealed to you until the day of. Both meals are accompanied by incredible wine pairings, and my favorite dishes included halibut in coriander onion sauce, a broccoli cheddar ale soup, sous vide beef and a fried oyster with arugula garlic aioli that served as the perfect Amuse Bouche.

There’s even a canapés and cocktail hour that happens before dinner every night in the Main Lodge, which boasts Milton Avery artwork, a smattering of Stave Puzzles (the rolls royce of puzzles), its own private library and wine cellar as well as an ever expansive view looking out on the private ski mountain.

Why should Twin Farms be the spot for your next getaway, your next event, your next family wedding? Really the question is: Why shouldn’t it?

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