Okay potatoheads, a new column and Instagram party has officially begun and it’s called #yournewpotato. Each week, we’ll be picking our favorite Instagram to post on our site AND Instagram, that answers the question “What’s your new potato?” Just make sure to tag us @thenewpotato and use the hashtag #yournewpotato.

From Hamilton the musical to poke bowls and fur loafers, your new potato can be absolutely anything – and we want to know what it is! This week’s winner is Emily Sundberg, of the popular Instagram handle @sheloveseverything

Tell us who you are/what you do…

My name is Emily Sundberg. I’m an Intern at Yahoo and do all sorts of things like video production, writing breaking news stories, and baking things for my coworkers. I’m also a senior at FIT studying advertising and marketing communications. @Sheloveseverything is my creative outlet where I can share about all of the places I travel, people I meet, and recipes I create!

What’s your ideal food day?

My ideal food day would start with so much coffee you wouldn’t believe it, and a breakfast burrito from the Ditch Witch in Montauk. I grew up spending my summers at the East Deck, which is the motel that borders the food truck. Then I would tan all day and read a book on the beach and play with dogs that pass by my towel. We’re talking an ideal day, so it would be an empty, quiet, day at Ditch Plains.

For lunch, I would want to sit in my backyard at the outdoor dining room table that my dad built for hot Long Island summer entertaining. I would want to be with my family eating some kind of crunchy salad, or tacos. And sneaking half of it to my needy dog.

Dinner would be sushi with my friends or boyfriend somewhere really good in the city – I’m always on the search for new places – and a ton of sake. For dessert I would go to 16 Handles and sample all of the flavors at least four times each, and then get lots of sprinkles and berries and walk home to collapse on my bed in the East Village. 

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

This is really hard sometimes. Living in New York unfortunately results in a lot of comparing and pressure for me…Maybe it’s because I spend so much time working with social media. I really think a big part of practicing beauty is how you treat people. I try hard to spread light and encouragement to my girlfriends and my followers on Instagram. My mom is an artist and also an angel on earth I think, and she has taught me a lot about letting go, and practicing mantras. I think my rituals like meditating in the morning, and telling people in my life how much they mean to me help me feel good.

Oh! I also eat very nutrient dense food. I eat a lot of greens, and almond butter, and I love fruits and chia seeds. I think this is part of the reason I have pretty good skin. Sweating helps when you have time…I like running a few times a week by the East River, and jumping into a barre or Pilates class once or twice a week. I’m trying to practice bringing my stress levels, and obsession about food and wellness down, and replacing it with putting energy into people outside of myself.

Why is this photo ‘your new potato’?

You have to find special moments or silver linings in your life. If you can’t, then make them! I saw this box of ice cream at the market and got nostalgic so I brought it home and made sundaes for my roommates. I’ve been attracted to pink lately; I’m turning into such a romantic! Or maybe I’m just in the middle of a very dreamy part of my twenty-one-year old life…

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