A Horoscope For Your Week

From The AstroTwins

Pull the brakes! Last month was a high-speed cosmic chase, with two change-making eclipses sweeping through the skies. In the second half of April, Mars, Pluto and Mercury will slow down into retrograde (backward) motion, bringing the total retrograde count to FIVE planets, since Jupiter and Saturn are also in reverse.

While retrogrades can cause mixed signals and chaos, they also decelerate the action—something we may be happy to experience after all the swift changes of late. While this may not be the best time for splashy launches and grand debuts, it’s an excellent time to prepare for those. Contrary to all the freakout hype, retrogrades can be highly productive times to revise, revamp and correct course. Focus on the prefix “re-” and turn back to the past. Resolve conflicts, renovate your home, rekindle a relationship or friendship.

Mercury Retrograde (April 28-May 22)

The most famous of all retrogrades since it happens three or four times each year, when expressive Mercury makes a U-Turn. Mercury’s reversal can throw off communication, travel and technology. In the first half of the month, back up data to the cloud, sign contracts and give the team their marching orders, because crossed wires and chaos can erupt. Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus this time, which rules money, work and security. It could be hard to stick to a budget or routine, so take extra measures to protect your cash and simplify your life.

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