Your 2016 Horoscope Goals

We take our horoscopes pretty seriously around here. We believe they’re best served daily, groggily read over our (first) morning cup of coffee. It’s not like we’re reliant on them in order to function, but they help set the tone for the day – and, we find them totally fascinating. According to astrologist Susan Miller, our zodiac signs have correlating goals for each year, much like our New Year’s resolutions—which may or may not be falling by the wayside (don’t judge us). Don’t get overwhelmed, Susan breaks it all down and helps us determine which specific goals to strive for this year. After all, your future is written in the stars…

Goals for 2016

By Susan Miller, founder


Dear Aries, you can improve your body, your looks, and your health and fitness. When Jupiter is in your sixth house, as it is now, you do well with refining your diet and finding ways to lose weight (if that is a goal) and look sleek. Jupiter will want to see you go about doing things the sensible way, by eating nutritious foods and by getting enough sleep and exercise. As experts say, all that you give your body to eat, soon your body will soon crave. As an Aries you are athletic by nature, so you will enjoy this trend. By year’s end, you will have enviable marriage aspects, so if you do decide to wed, you will look stunning in your new trim figure as you walk down the aisle.


Romance will be as thrilling as can be this year, a trend that will last until just after Labor Day in September. As one Taurus reader said, “Yes, but I bet it would take total eclipse of the Sun before I found someone special.” I say, “Actually, you will have precisely that—a solar eclipse in your house of true love on September 1!” These are rare trends—you have not had love aspects like these for twelve years, and eclipses in this area of your chart are nearly as rare. When it comes to love, Taurus has the very best outlook of any sign for many months, until Jupiter leaves Virgo on September 9.

September 1 and 16 will bring the year’s last two eclipses, the first eclipse will be in Virgo, to light the Taurus fifth house of true love, and the second one, set to light your eleventh house of friendships and may have a dazzling social event to attend. Circulate, dear Taurus. If you are already attached, you may decide to have a baby this year, a wonderful idea. If so, ideally, plan to get pregnant before September 9 for best luck in conception. If you already have children, this year you will hear good news about one, most likely your eldest.


You will do well this year with real estate, whether you buy, sell, or rent a house or apartment. If you would like to rent a vacation home for the summer, this would be the time to do it. If you love where you live now, you can renovate your kitchen, bathrooms, or basement, or paint, order landscaping, do repairs—this is the best year in twelve to take those types of actions. Alternatively, it may also be the time to enjoy great family support, so if you need a loan or outright gift for a down payment on a house, for example, gather up your courage and ask your parent for financial help. Another way this may work out is that you may hear of a joyous event in the family, such as the arrival of a baby to your sister, brother, or other close relative.


Learning to communicate effectively in a new way is your golden ticket in 2016 (until September 9). If you’ve always written newsletters for your company, you can branch out. Your book idea may generate much interest, and before you know it, you’ve sold that manuscript to a top publisher. I once talked to a young woman with the same aspects Cancer has now. She told me she had always written romance novels for teenagers—they were tame, of course—and I said, “I’m looking at your chart and I know this may sound a bit random, but it is telling me a movie studio will option one of your books. Wait—I see a movie studio optioning more than one book—two!” The author replied, “Susan, two of my books were already optioned by a movie studio last month.” I had never expected that, because it’s really hard to get even one book optioned. I was almost afraid to suggest it was possible. I had no idea this writer was in such demand, as we had just met. Miracles happen when you have Jupiter in the third house, a placement Cancer has now. Later in the year, in the fall, if you are a Cancer, you will have the wonderful aspect for improving your home and family situation, and that’s good news, for home is always of vital importance to Cancer. You may move to a beautiful large space that offers a view, find new furniture, renovate your kitchen or bath, find the ideal the roommate—all will come to you, dear Cancer, if you look from October onward. Another way this may work out is if your roommate moves out, and assuming you would be able to carry the rent by yourself, thereby double your space. Good things are coming, dear Cancer.


As a Leo you have the finest aspects in the zodiac for raising your earned income, so don’t be shy about asking for a raise. This is meant to be your financially rewarding year for twelve years of experience and fine work. This trend started in August 2015, so you may have already seen the bountiful benefits from having good fortune Jupiter in your second house of salary. If you feel you cannot get a raise from your present employer soon, and if earning more money is a priority for you, then consider leaving your job for another firm, or taking a side job. Any job you take now should pay well.


Every twelve years each of us has the privilege of hosting Jupiter in our own sign—this year, it is Virgo’s turn. If you live to 96 years of age, you will have had a total of eight such years in your lifetime, representing in my mind eight perfectly cut emeralds. Imagine having these eight precious stones in the palm of your hand, all glistening in the light—pick one up—this is one of those rare years for you. This trend began on August 11, 2015, so you may already know how special a year this has been and continues to be for you. If not, you are only approximately halfway through Jupiter’s tour of Virgo, so you have plenty of time to find success and happiness. If you hope to meet someone new to love, you can—this would be your best year ever to find that person—but you must circulate and to be open to a variety of types. VIPs will go out of their way to help you, so when you are asked how that VIP can help, have your answer ready. Reply in a very concise, specific way. This year you are golden.


Libra has had a hard time over past years, so the news that is on the way to you is sure to thrill you. You have a wonder year coming up, when good fortune Jupiter will enter Libra on September 9, 2016 and continue to tour Libra until October 10, 2017. Once there, Jupiter will light your first house of identity, personality, and dreams and help you see those dreams realized. This planet will ask nothing in return; his only aim will be to make you happy. What is coming to you is simply the very best year of your life. It will be filled with opportunity, including chances to travel to at least one city or island that requires a passport, to make the acquaintance of new friends, and to meet your one true love. Your health will improve, and opportunities to advance professionally will come to you too. Until you get to September 2016, your challenge will be to consider which elements in your life should remain with you, and which ones you feel should be deleted. If you hold on to too much, your life will be overstuffed, with no room to add the goodies that the universe has planned to give you. Between now and September, you might also see the tide take one or two things out of your life, but if so, those will be people or elements you don’t really need to devote time to any longer. You may think you need them, but you will soon see you actually are stronger and do better without people or obligations you’ve outgrown to weigh you down.


Your friends will be the key area of your success, for they will put you first in their lives, recommending you and exposing you to all sorts of stellar opportunities. For example, a friend may write a recommendation for you to enter an exclusive club or to be considered for an important new position. Friends might offer you career tips, introduce you to some of their successful friends, and perhaps even introduce you to a potential romantic partner. Friends will be loyal to you and be the key to much of your happiness and personal growth now through September 9. After that, you will need to start to clear out things you no longer need, and to bow out of arrangements that have outlived their usefulness. People who no longer have anything in common with you, who use up your time or who are negative and sap your strength and spirit should be gracefully eliminated from your circle. You have an exciting time coming up at the end of 2017, but you need to get ready for that phase of your life now.


As a Sagittarius, you have the very best career year of any of the signs. This trend started August 11, 2015 and will continue until after Labor Day, September 9, 2016. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is putting you front and center professionally, so go for the gold. You can win professionally in any competitive situation now, and by the fall, you can see your name on the big marquee. With Saturn in Sagittarius, you are in the process of setting up a strong foundation for the coming three decades. Work, at times, may seem strenuous, but all the effort you put in now will prove worthwhile. You have been feeling serious about life these days—uncharacteristically so—but you want your time to count for something important. In fact you may occasionally feel you are running out of time, or don’t have enough time to get everything you need done. This has been true since Saturn first entered your sign in December 23, 2014. Soon thereafter, Saturn retrograded out of your sign on June 14, 2016, and re-entered Sagittarius on September 17, 2016. You will continue to concentrate hard and work earnestly on life goals until December 19, 2017, approximately a year-and-a-half from now. Projects and relationships that you start with Saturn on your Sun (as you have now) tend to stay with you a very long time—as many as thirty years into the future. You may buy your first house, get married, or have your first baby. You may write a book, start a business, or move across the country. Whatever goal you tackle, it will be something you cannot undo later too easily—nor would you want to. The very reason you are working on the goal is to add great stability to your days—by the end of next year, you will accomplish what you set out to do.


Consider taking an awe-inspiring trip, for in 2016 you will benefit enormously from foreign people and places. The ancients felt that foreign travel was a form of education, the reason travel makes up a large part of the ninth house. You may work with people abroad or do import or export of goods or services, and if so, see a handsome profit. This area of your chart, which glows brilliantly for you, also rules going to the university for an advanced degree or defending your thesis. Jupiter is known to give you not only opportunity but also the means to take advantage of all the opportunities he brings to you. Capricorn should try for admission to a college with a great reputation (even if you think you won’t get accepted), or ask for financial support or a possible scholarship. Publishing and broadcasting projects are also areas of gain (covered by this mainly intellectual ninth house), so if you had hoped to publish a book or to be hired by a media company to edit, translate, or produce books or TV segments, this will be your year to apply and do so. Once you get to October, you will do exceptionally well in terms of your career for thirteen months, from September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017. In the autumn, you will reach a lofty point in your professional status, so from then on, you must put travel aside and concentrate wholly on your burgeoning, flourishing career.


This year, your sign will do exceptionally well financially, but not through earned income. Your eighth house of other people’s money is lit and will bring you opportunity to receive a large one-time sum of money. You may receive an attractive mortgage, hear news of a generous line of credit at the bank, win a large cash prize from a TV game show, be given a scholarship, receive news of an inheritance, or receive an infusion of cash from a sponsor or venture capitalist, as some examples. If you are in court, you may win quite a large settlement. If you are negotiating a new contract, or one that will bring you royalties or licensing fees, you can ask for a decent advance up front—and get it.


You have the finest aspects for marriage of any of the signs, so this is the year to tie the knot. This trend started August 11, 2015 and continues to September 9, so if you are dating seriously or are in an established relationship, there will be no reason to wait to wed. If you are already married, your spouse will do well and both of you will benefit from your spouse’s prosperity. (This year, your partners of all types will do well.) If you are not ready to wed, you can use this trend (given to you by good fortune Jupiter) for creating profitable, happy business alliances. You can find the right agent, manager, writing partner, business partner, publicist, new lawyer, or other professional to work with you on a one-on-one way. If you already have such an individual you treasure, you will find this person to be outstandingly effective for you now. These areas—business and personal partnership—are not mutually exclusive, so you may hire a wonderful business partner AND get blissfully married this year. Your elegant aspects for commitment to another will last until September 9, when Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will move on to Libra. When Jupiter enters Libra later in the year, you will do exceptionally well financially, and many of your gains will relate directly to the areas that you are working on now.

Illustration by Billur Kazaz. Read Susan Miller’s full interview here