The Right Way To Do Warrior 2

If you’ve practiced yoga, you’ve done Virabhadrasana (better known as Warrior 2). This deep hip-opening pose stretches and strengthens the hips, chest, shoulders, and thighs, and it’s almost impossible to get out of a yoga class without doing it (several times). It’s great for aiding in digestion and relieving backaches, and it also improves breathing and circulation. Warrior 2 is not an easy pose to do and we often wonder if we’re doing it correctly. Luckily, Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen gave us some helpful tips to nail this pose, and trust us, our hips don’t lie.

From Rachel Brathen

Five pointers for an incredibly active, beneficial Warrior II…

1. Widen your stance! A good Warrior II is usually a little bit wider than we think.

2. Engage the upper arms without lifting them higher than shoulder level.

3. Bend deeply into the front knee but don’t allow the knee to tip inward.

4. Press firmly down through the edge of the back foot.

5. Hug your lower ribs in to engage from your center.

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