How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

By Dr. Daryl Gioffre

A great day starts with a good breakfast…but even before that, a full night’s sleep. Think your stress is to blame for an untamed mind at bedtime? Your busy schedule probably isn’t much help, but what you don’t realize is that your tossing and turning throughout the night could be a result of acid from what you ate that day. Your body is most acidic at 2am, so if you have a habit of waking up between 1am and 3am to use the bathroom, your liver and kidneys are asking for help!

Acid build-up from the day can drive your blood pH down, and your body has to find a way to get it out, and it does so by urination, perspiration, respiration, defecation, and fat retention. Every acid and toxin you ingest must be filtered through your liver, and because your liver does its best work to detoxify itself while you’re sleeping, it will essentially wake you up if it needs to be cleansed.

Maybe it was the 12oz. steak you had for dinner (or the sweet treat you had afterward) that’s to blame for your restless night. Consuming too much animal protein or sugar in the evening is a surefire way to lose sleep. A gradual build-up of acid throughout the day will also cause nighttime discomfort and insomnia. Ultimately, the more alkaline you eat, the better you’ll sleep. Try to limit your consumption of sugar, dairy, carbonated beverages, meats (even most fish!), yeast, alcohol, white bread and pasta, vinegary foods, margarine and MSG, especially within the few hours before bedtime.

You should be eating dark greens (bonus points if they’re raw) and getting plenty of fiber and probiotics to help keep your colon clean. Allow your food to digest for at least two to three hours before you go to bed and keep in mind that dinner should not be your biggest meal of the day. Before you slip into your pajamas, do some breathing exercises to relieve your mind from a chaotic day. Not only is a clear mind conducive to a good night’s sleep, but taking a few minutes to breathe deeply will also help cleanse your blood of the most pervasive acid in your body, carbon dioxide gas, which can accumulate from shallow breathing all day.

Lastly, give your body a dose of Daily Minerals thirty minutes before you go to sleep. Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate are the fastest way to neutralize the acid in your body so that your body doesn’t need to do it all on its own. Alkaline minerals are also very calming to your nervous system and will put your body into a deeper REM sleep when it needs it most. You’ll find that when you wake up with an alkaline body, you’ll be full of energy and ready to combat stress from the day rather than allowing it to keep you up at night (literally).

Now, go get some sleep!

*Illustration by Billur Kazaz

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