Toast Meets World

Josh “the fat Jew” Ostrovsky and accessories PR exec (and founder of The 12ish Style) Katie Sturino are really lucky…they live with a huge celebrity. Toast Meets World – the King Charles cavalier who’s stolen our hearts on Instagram – is one of the most talked about dogs of our time. Plus, she just got married! (We couldn’t make it but we heard the flowers and bride were stunning.)

We stopped by for breakfast with Toast (she makes a mean milk bone) and her Mom Katie, and Toast told us that married life’s gotten a little monotonous. She also shared details about her penchant for kale treats, barn coats and hotel robes. We also asked Katie – one of our favorite girls around – similar questions, making this a kind of pet-owner newlywed game. See their interviews below, and tune into our Instagram today: Toast is taking over!


What’s your ideal food day from start to finish?

I dont really eat…eeek! Is that bad? Sorry, I’m a model.

What’s your favorite breakfast to have with Mom?

My Mom probably said she has like, eggs or a smoothie, but that chicks gets a pastry six of seven days. I feel bad so I will take half and pretend to eat it.

Would you consider yourself a morning person? Why or why not?

I know Linda [Evangelista] said it first but I dont get out of bed (willingly) for less than 10k. Sadly, I dont get that rate very often so I am quite grumpy in the morning.

What foods really get you barking?

Kale treats.

What’s the trick to the perfect Instagram?

Trusting your photographer

How do you self-pamper?

Oh, I love hotels…I love to get into a robe and order room service!

What won’t you leave the house without?

My Canine Styles barn coat

What shampoo makes your fur always look so shiny and smooth?


What’s it like being newly married? Do you miss the single life?

YES! I need to go out. Finn is already farting in front me; the romance has faded a little too quickly.

Toast, in the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s your new potato right now?

Asians. If you do not have a team of cute and stylist Japanese people surrounding you, get out.

Katie Sturino (Toast’s Mom)

What’s your favorite breakfast to have with Toast?

Oh, Toast loves when I get a croissant with my coffee. She helps me out by eating half of it.

Would you consider Toast a morning person? Is her bark worse than her bite in the morning?

Toast?! A Morning person? When I turn the lights on in the morning she shoots her head up and gives me a death stare that helps me understand what it might be like to have a teen. I have to literally carry her out of bed. Reluctantly, she gets her leash on and makes it to the sidewalk only to stop dead in her tracks and glare at me.

What foods does she love and hate? And what about you?

Toast loves everything. Food and not food. She often picks up concrete chunks from the sidewalk…it’s terrible. I once pulled a cigarette butt out of her mouth from the sidewalk. I am a little more discerning; I love vegetables and dessert.

What’s her secret to those awesome instagrams?

Know your angles!

How does she have you pamper her?

Toast get carried everywhere. She has a personal groomer – and she has gotten more luxury treatments than I ever will.

The accessory she can’t live without that she wouldn’t like to admit to…


Can you tell us her shampoo regimen secrets?

Toast uses Dogtails and takes a bath once a week.

What’s it like now that she’s newly married? Would you say she has more mood swings?

Ugh, she thinks she is so grown up now with her “husband”. Im like, ‘You still have to sleep at home.’

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s Toast’s new potato right now?

Violently clashing her snowboots to her ski jacket. It’s all about being noticed.

Go to instagram now to see Toast’s ideal food day takeover!

*Toast Meets World and Katie Sturino photographed in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann. Katie wears an Equipment sweater