Our Favorite Sheet Masks

We’ve just starting delving into sheet masks for our faces. Why? Well, why does anyone do anything new on the beauty front? Perhaps because K-beauty experts told them to. Scroll above for the best sheet makes, and here’s what our K-beauty columnists Christine Chang and Sarah Lee had to say about them…

A sheet mask is also a great addition to your usual skincare routine. These masks wrap the face for fifteen to twenty minutes to intensively deliver hydrating and anti-aging ingredients to the skin. Use one or two times a week for an instant and lasting glow. One of our perennial bestsellers is the Whamisa Sea Kelp Sheet Mask, which our customers have affectionately dubbed the ‘ocean-to-face facial’. This sheet mask is a breakthrough as it not only is drenched in a full bottle of fermented sea kelp serum, but the sheet mask itself is made of skin-beneficial, nutrient-rich sea kelp.

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