The Perfect Downward Dog

If you’re fans of yoga like us, there are certain poses like Downward Facing Dog and Warrior II that you’re finding yourself in quite a lot. It’s at a certain point in class you may often find yourself asking: Am I really doing this the right way? No need for a private session, Yogagirl Rachel Brathen gave us five easy pointers to get you to the perfect downward facing dog. And stay tuned, Warrior II is up next…

1. Ground down through the index and thumb and grip at the mat with your fingertips (think active hands – you don’t want to dump too much weight into your wrists!)

2. Wrap the triceps back to engage the arms and create space for the upper back.

3. Relax your head but don’t tuck your chin; think neutral positioning for the neck.

4. Lift up through the sitting bones, inner thighs rotate back.

5. Bend your knees if your hamstrings are tight! It’s more important here to keep space and lengthen the lower back than to put your heels on the ground; bending your knees and lifting your heels will take the hamstrings out of the equation and allows for a longer spine.

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