Ab Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Scroll through above for the best at-home ab workout!

We’ll be honest, Potatoheads: once winter hits, our likelihood of going to the gym significantly decreases. The couch and this week’s episode of Westworld is so much more appealing than a cardio session, especially when we have to trek to the gym in the cold. But we still want to keep in shape; something has to balance out all the cookies and red wine we’ve been binging on….

Enter SoulCycle’s Akin Akman, the man who has abs to rival Channing Tatum’s. Akman provided us with 10 easy and effective ab exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Because we may be bundled up in winter coats for the next five months, but we can still strive for a bikini body. Bonus – you can do all of the above exercises while Sex and The City reruns play on the TV.

Akin also gave us at-home leg and butt workouts. He is also one of our ‘New Faces to Watch’ in 2016. Read this interview with SoulCycle’s founders

*Feature image by Christian Ferretti for ELLE 2014.