How To Get Dewy Skin

From Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas

1. I highly recommend a green shake that I have become obsessed with. It’s by LA based nutritionist Kimberly Snyder and it’s her glowing green smoothie. Sometimes women forget that the digestive system rules your skin like nothing else in the body. Her smoothie is great because its alkalizing. It contains a ton of fiber for moving out toxins and it’s filling so you tend to eat less of the comfort food you ate all winter! Greens tend to oxygenate the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system so your body can remove waste and bring in essential nutrients to every cell in your body. If you don’t have time to make your smoothies on a regular basis I recommend either a shot of liquid chlorophyll every morning before breakfast or Dr. Frank Lipman’s Recharge shake to get extra greens for glowing skin!

2. With the change in the weather, exfoliating your skin can become a main step in your routine. I love recommending clients use an Exfoliating Mask like my own twice a week. Getting off the buildup of dead cells and surface dirt is such a great thing to do for your skin now that the weather is warmer. Cold weather makes the skin to sensitive to exfoliate so often, but spring changes everything. I would highly recommend twice in the shower to make sure your products are penetrating correctly. I would also recommend using the Luna Mini nightly for a nice clean off of the makeup and dirt that builds up on the skin throughout your day. I like the Luna because you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap after each use and it’s cleaner and softer than the other brushes out there.

3. Twice a week I also recommend using a mask overnight for repair, hydration and Vitamins. Nothing feels better on your skin than getting all the nutrients it needs for repair. I love the Eminence Organics masks because they can be mixed according to how your skin feels in the moment. I love mixing the Eminence Strawberry Mask with the Arnica Mask for hydrating and soothing overnight.

4. Prepping the skin in the morning is easier once you can step up your exfoliating routine. I tend to recommend you keep using both a serum and moisturizer for the am and pm because the skin still needs tons of moisture. At night I like a face oil like my Rejuvenating Serum and for during the day I like a hyaluronic green serum like my own Daily Serum. During the day you want something light under makeup and hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water, so you don’t need a lot.

5. One thing I tend to recommend to clients for the body is dry brushing before their shower in the am. Dry brushing is awesome for stimulating collagen production, tightening problem areas and getting rid of cellulite. Nightly, I highly recommend applying a thin layer of coconut oil to the body all over. The omega 3 fatty acids in the oil will hydrate, nourish and soothe the skin. I am a big believer in prepping for beach weather early!

6. Do a mask specifically designed for spring, like a plum and honey mask made with yogurt. It’s awesome for brightening and hydrating so you look like you have literally come back to life!

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