Your March Horoscope

From The Astrotwins, Ophira & Tali Edut

Beware the Ides of March…or the tides? Yeah, we’re talking about the pull of the Moon, which appears as a supermoon AND a groundbreaking solar (new moon) eclipse on March 8, then again on March 23 as a lunar (full moon) eclipse. Translation: Change is seriously in the air.

Eclipses fall four to six times each year, and they are like a cosmic cleanup crew, pushing us out of wishy-washiness and forcing a decision. They bring moments of intense clarity, unexpected changes and major adjustments. We may feel disoriented in the days surrounding an eclipse—kind of like someone turned off the lights, then abruptly turned them back on. Some astrologers believe that you can feel an eclipse’s effects up to a month before and after it. You may already have felt the currents shifting back in February.

March 8: Solar (New Moon) eclipse in Pisces

Solar eclipses happen when the Moon stands directly between the Earth and the Sun, blocking out the light. These eclipses occur at a New Moon, and in our experience are gentler than the lunar eclipses because they tend to herald beginnings, not endings. Still, the effect of a solar eclipse can be intense, as you may be catapulted into a new job, relationship or life circumstance. And even if this eclipse doesn’t force an ending, there can still be plenty of adjusting required to venture down this new path.

Today brings us a solar eclipse in Pisces, the sign of compassion, healing and imagination. This could be a hallmark day for creativity, music, film and art, or the beginning of a loving new romantic connection. Spirituality is also in the spotlight. Pisces rules all things hidden—including shady people—so keep your wits about you and follow your intuition. If you get a weird vibe, trust it. The New York City subway slogan “If you see, something, say something” holds true for every one during this Pisces eclipse.

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