Our Favorite Face Mists

Above you can find our favorite face mists, but first and foremost: Why should we use face mists? We didn’t know they were a thing until we found out they were absolutely and most definitely a necessity for skin hydration. Our skin can get quite dry and damaged throughout the day. Here’s what our K-beauty columnists, Christine Chang and Sarah Lee had to say about face mists, and a few they like:

“Your skin goes through a dehydration cycle throughout the day while being attacked by constant UV rays and pollution. Provide an extra layer of protection by spritzing your face with a moisture-filled, antioxidant-rich facial mist, like Soyedodam Organic Ginseng Mist, an organic Red Ginseng, Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera powerhouse. We recommend carrying it around in your purse, having it at all times at your desk at work, or by your bedside at home, to keep your hydration game strong.

When it comes to hydration, morning and night skincare is sometimes not enough. Most women in Korea carry mists around in their bags for 24/7 on-the-go hydration. It is perfectly common to see women spritzing mists on public transportation, in cafes, and while walking on the streets!”

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