8 Reasons To Meditate

Scroll through the slideshow above for 8 reasons to meditate. 

Work. Friends. Relationships. Subways. Taxes. Treadmills. Life today is anything but simple. We (along with our readers) have the most chockablock filled lives, and that’s the way we like it. Top speed all the time. However, this sort of non-stop action takes a toll on our poor brains. We’ve all been there – finally collapsing into bed after what seems like an endless day only to find that we are unable to switch our brains off and get some much needed sleep! The answer? Well at least one of them – Meditation. Over the years some of our most amazing tastemakers have waxed lyrical about the powers of meditation and how a few simple meditations can calm and relax the mind, and reduce the stress you have to bear. After reading these testimonials, you’ll be downloading Headspace in no time.

Here is your full guide to meditating from Julie Sacks. Also, read how to relax before bed