Your Horoscope Check-In

Scroll through above to find your sign, and your 2016 horoscope. Have you been following it? We have. Because us potato-heads are huge horoscope people. We follow them religiously in order to know everything from how our work month will turn out to if the new guy one of us is dating is “compatible” (An Aries and a Cancer? Dream on). It’s why we were happy to discover The AstroTwins, aka Tali and Ophira Edut, the identical twins who are astrologists to the stars in their own right. When the year started they gave us tips for each sign, how to get off to a good start and what to expect in 2016.

Aries shouldn’t jump in so fast, Cancer should hesitate to be as cerebral as they usually are, and Libra – well – Libra was told to embrace their inner dreamer. So come on guys, check your horoscope above to make sure you’re in keeping with the best 2016 you that you can be…(we know it sounds after school special, but it’s for real yo).

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