4 Things Good For Your Liver

Your Sunday wakeup call may just be comprised of wondering what sort of damage that bar crawl on Saturday has done to your liver this weekend. It’s not long after you have this realization that you also have the realization that though you’ve sworn to “never drink again,” starting Thursday your liver might be going right back to work again. I mean, it’s almost spring after all, right?

While we can’t say we’ll stop putting our liver to work by nixing that delicious wine with dinner, or lessening our caffeine fix, we can find ways to lessen its load (I mean jeez, the poor guy work 24-hour shifts sometimes). Our go-to nutritionist Mikaela Reuben gave us four delicious things we could consume that would make our liver happy…or at least as happy as it can be given the circumstances of any given weekend…Scroll through the slideshow to see her tips.

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