The 20 Best NYC Crepe Spots

First thing on our wish list: A trip to Paris. Second best is a damn good crepe that makes us feel like we’re in Paris. We have to hand it to the French, whoever first thought of wrapping either cheese and ham or nutella and banana in a carby blanket is sort of our hero. They’re fun to eat, can be sweet or savory, and somehow feel much chicer and more dignified than a burrito or pancake or any of its other cousins. News flash: New York has a very solid list of creperies to feed our addiction. Since crepes can be eaten for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or as a snack, this list is worth exploring. Trust us we’ve done the leg work. Bon appetit!

Looking for some pancakes? Here is a great place to start. Stop by one of the best French bakeries in NYC to treat yourself.