How To Throw Your Oscars Party

We were having post-holiday depression, so this season has been all about throwing ourselves into awards season with gusto. If you’re like us, you’re inviting friends (who don’t care as much as you do) over tomorrow to celebrate with hors d’oeuvres, champagne and entrees. We chatted with event expert Tony Schubert – the CEO/Founder of Event Eleven and one of Hollywood’s most successful event planners – to take us through ways to please our Academy Awards guests this Sunday. Schubert’s planned parties for everything from the Oscar’s to the Grammy’s to the Emmy’s, so who better to hit up for Academy Awards party tips?

Four tips for throwing an Academy Awards party in your own home:

1. Keep the décor chic and sophisticated, but most importantly, keep it yours. Your guests want to experience you and be entertained by you. Try and remove any and all chotchkies from the area you are entertaining in. Keep it clean and clutter-less. Only keep the items that make sense to the evening, like glass vases for flowers, small bowls for small bites, and candles to make the rooms sexy.

2. Open up the seating area to face the TV and if you can, add small ottomans or oversized pillows for people to lounge. Always make sure you have enough seating for your guests.

3. Print ballots to hand out for guests and come up with fun gifts for winners.

4. Food and drink can be daunting – choose one specialty cocktail that’s easy to make and name it for your favorite nominated TV show or film. Keep the food light and not too heavy. Buy a few light cheeses and charcuterie with almonds and other easy-to-eat bites for when guests arrive. There’s no rule on what food to have or prepare; just make sure you have variety and don’t forget about your vegetarian and vegan friends!

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