Each week, we’ll be picking our favorite Instagram to post on our site AND Instagram, that answers the question “What’s your new potato?” Just make sure to tag us @thenewpotato and use the hashtag #yournewpotato.

From Hamilton the musical to poke bowls and fur loafers, your new potato can be absolutely anything -and we want to know what it is! Our winners this week are Pilar and Emma of theslowpace.com

From Pilar & Emma…

We are Pilar and Emma, a computer engineer and a cultural manager from Monday to Friday and photographer and editor on The Slow Pace during the weekends. We come from Spain but we live in Germany. Shortly after we moved to cold, dark Germany we created our little blog where we share our biggest passions: boutique hotels, lovely restaurants, easy yet delicious recipes, all kinds of understated makeup (with the occasional red lip) and effortless, casual style. We have a “slow” approach, that is, we enjoy the little, simple things in life. The slow pace is also a reminder that, even though life is difficult, there are always great moments, great food and great people to share them with. And we want it to be your guide for slow-paced European getaways too!

On their ideal food day…

Wake up early and enjoy a nice breakfast, our favorite meal of the day. That involves a good cup of coffee, a big plate of fruit (seasonal!) and decadent, always delicious eggs benedict. Bonus points if we are overlooking the sea. Then, off to explore! We love getting lost in new cities or discover different perspectives of our beloved London, Copenhagen and Venice. Farmers markets are a mandatory stop.

Lunch could be nice sepia e polenta at La Rivetta, in Venice, a great plate of huevos rotos at El Almendro, in Madrid or the Kerala Jheenga curry at Trishna in London. But we would also be happy just going out for tapas in Seville! At home we could have a very nice lunch too. That would be orecchiette with homemade tomato sauce and sopressa vicentina!

Then we‘ll go back home or to the hotel and read our favorite magazines, watch one of the gazillion TV series we are addicted to and, of course, browse Instagram or Pinterest our eyes out. Our favorite snack is not a very healthy option, but is hard to beat a couple of Walkers biscuits with a nice cup of coffee.  Our homemade banana bread is healthier and also very nice.  Then we would go out for a long walk and enjoy the sunset.

Dinner had to be at Geist, Copenhagen. Geist is simply perfect. The food is seasonal, they do wonders with vegetables and have the most incredible desserts. Plus, the staff is kind and fun. They serve delicious cocktails as well, the bread basket is a star on its own, and the decor is sexy. We would have black kale with fried egg and sorrel (the main reason to travel to Copenhagen in January or February0, pot roasted cauliflower with black truffle, crispy artichokes with suckling pig and salted wasabi cream toffee for Pudding. As a little extra treat before the day ends, Fleur de Sel Caramel Hippos from Baru chocolate!

On how they practice beauty from the inside out…

We love food but we try to have a good, healthy diet. We avoid processed food and buy seasonal produce. Our rule: vegetables and proteins in every meal and carbs every now and then. Of course, we are always looking for new recipes to make cooking and eating always exciting. We also try to stick to a work out plan: spinning two days a week and Kayla Itsines BBG three days a week. It’s terrible, but if we want to eat a lot, we had to exercise a lot. No alcohol, lots of water… and dark chocolate, because it has antioxidants and life without chocolate simply has no meaning.

On why these striped chairs are the new potato…

Those chairs are our new potato because they represent a new foodie discovery that was a total surprise for us. Besides, we took that photo on a very happy day for us and even though that day was pouring we got transported to the sunny seaside thanks to the food and decor of that lobster bar. Those chairs symbolize that fantastic moment when, after a morning of exploring, you find yourself in front of an excellent meal, with the best company and you feel absolutely overjoyed. And in that moment the world is just perfect.

The lobster bar is Corallo, and it’s placed on the rooftop of the department store Illum, in Copenhagen.

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