10 Paleo-Friendly Restaurants

So you’re looking to go Paleo, but what you’re really wondering is: On what planet can you go to a restaurant and actually stick to this diet? If you’re like us (which you are, cause you’re a potatohead), eating out is a big part of your lifestyle. A cleanse or diet that doesn’t allow you to eat out is depressing, which is why our Paleo expert Danielle Walker gave us ten restaurants she personally likes to hit up while staying paleo.

No, the cavemen didn’t have restaurants, but now we do and we’d like to go to them even on weeks, months or a lifetime that we’re being – well – like the cavemen. Scroll through above to make it happen!

Check out these tips for dining out on the paleo diet. Also, peruse these easy food swaps for the paleo diet from Danielle Walker