42 Instagrammers to Follow

Are you sick of your Instagram feed? But then again what else is there to do on Sunday but scroll through the endless images that no doubt cause FOMO 95% of the time. We’re here to make your FOMO worse…you can thank us later.

That’s right, it’s time to add more inspiration and humor to your Instagram feed, because maybe lately you’ve been asking yourself who the heck is that random girl with all the selfies? Why do I follow her? Did we go to high-school together, share a random car ride back from last year’s ski trip or simply just strike up a conversation post-pilates class? The point is, her selfies are clogging your feed, and there’s better stuff out there.

We’ve rounded up all the Instagram accounts our tastemakers claim they “can’t live without” to help you do a little spring cleaning (and curating) a la Instagram…

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