3 Things That Bring A Room Together

It’s always pleasantly surprising when a minor change has dramatic effects. Case in point: that one minute eyebrow tweeze that suddenly makes your whole face look more symmetrical, or the perfect leather jacket that transforms your entire wardrobe. The same goes for your home. We’ve all been there — something compels you to move your dresser three feet to the right, and voilá, your bedroom is miraculously twice as spacious.

When we spoke with Jonathan Adler, the designer, potter, author and personality who has been bringing effortless style to all of our homes for two decades now, we plugged him for three things that always bring a room together. See below to find out what he recommends…

1.Tiny tables: Tiny tables should be peppered throughout a room and should feel very intuitive. When you’re sitting in a chair you should be able to reach out and immediately be able to find a tiny table to place your cocktail on. They add a fab final layer.

2. Beaucoup lighting of all different ilk: overhead, floor, table, and sconce. All extra dim for extra diva appeal. Low wattage from lots of different light sources makes a room feel warm and chic.

3. A bit of greenery, whether it is freshly cut flowers or a nice succulent garden placed in a bowl.

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