Fake A Summer Glow

Snow and cozy sweaters are fun and all but so many months of frosty weather have us looking a little too white-walker for our liking. We can barely wear a white button down without fear of blending into a faceless blob. Worse still, chapped cheeks from seemingly never ending wind gusts are not a cute look. To top it all off, has anyone else noticed that dark circles seem to show up a lot more on pasty skin? Blerg.

More than being tan, what we miss most of all is the effortless dewy glow that seems to naturally arrive on our faces in summer. So yes, first choice would be a two week trip to Tulum to top up our tans the natural (and most fun) way, but the tips and tricks on this list are a close second (and a more affordable one). A masterly swipe of one of the products above and you’ll be halfway to July already…

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