Our Favorite Bright Accessories

It’s not you, it’s me: Such was what we said to winter this week when we broke up with it, that and few expletives. We’re all in agreement, winter has taken a bit of a toll on our looks, our hearts and our attitudes. It’s had the same sort of effect on us as a subway ride during rush hour can, and while Scandal’s Olivia Pope never seems to run out of fabulous coats, we have. I mean seriously, if we layer one more time in the morning we just might scream.

Adding a bright accessory is an easy way to pump up the winter uniform your sick of, and deal with your seasonal anger the healthy way. Shop our picks for some much needed, easy brightness in your wardrobe.

Is winter causing your chapped lips to stay for good? Try one of these lip balms. Don’t forget to get yourself something special to drive away winter blues.