32 Great Snack Ideas!

Hit up any one of the amazing snack ideas above, because we all know that too familiar feeling we get come 3 o’clock, when our tummies start to gurgle and growl and we’re hitting a wall. It’s the hallmark of the inevitable mid-afternoon slump. We reach into our purse to pull out our trusty Kind Bar or that cute little bag of almonds, and gasp! They’re nowhere in sight. And to think, we were just starting to pat ourselves on the back for smartly planning a week’s worth of meals…

We all know what happens next. We rush to the nearest vending machine where we make very bad decisions, or…we grow hangry. Neither scenario ends well. So to spare yourself and those around you, we’re initiating a snack intervention. Let’s face it, those protein bars and almonds were getting old anyway. It’s high time for a re-vamped snack repertoire. Besides, introducing new snacks into our routine will make us more inclined to plan ahead so we’re prepared when hunger strikes. Check out these bright snack ideas from some of our favorite tastemakers, and squelch hunger in its tracks.

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