Get Valentine’s Day Gifts For Yourself

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is as much about loving yourself as it is about loving (or even having) bae. In fact, it might actually be better for us to repurpose Valentine’s Day as a day of self-love rather than a pressure filled, cliche trap that fills everyone with anxiety. Think about it – you never let yourself down, you never forget make reservations for your birthday and you certainly never leave the toilet seat up. Yeah, you’re pretty great.

Instead of eating a mediocre box of chocolates and watching every Gilmore Girls episode on Netflix, take back V-Day by making it all about you. If you’re single, make some fun plans with friends and pamper yourself. Expensive workout class? You deserve it. Copious amounts of pasta washed down with a bottle of Barolo? Why not. Most importantly, don’t forget to buy yourself a little present to remind yourself that you’re fantastic. Above are some ideas of great gifts that can be from you, for you – and isn’t that the most important relationship of all?

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