Make Your Wardrobe Complete

Dress normal…we really liked when Gap put out those ads, because sometimes that’s all we want to do. We want to get back to all the glory that comes with a beautiful basic…and above you have 35 of them. Because when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, there are those few special closet basics that we return to time and time again. They either make up an outfit, or make an outfit…do you follow? We know you do.

Though we don’t like to play favorites when it comes to our closets, it is undeniable that every woman has her fair share of clothing go-tos—From the perfect LBD, to the pair of jeans that fit just right. It’s the black blazer you can’t live with out, and the white t-shirt you love more than your other white t-shirts, even though you’re not quite sure why.

Here at The New Potato, we know your closet may be lacking in some of these staples, or that it might be time to do a refresh based solely on your existing items, so we’ve created a list of 35 closet basics every woman needs! Believe us, with a closet this well curated, never this spring will you shriek, “I have nothing to wear!” while preparing for the day ahead. Because when all else fails, your closet will have a mean, mean infrastructure that we like to call: The Basics.

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