Eat Healthy Together, Stay Together

From Dr. Daryl Gioffre

This February 14th, you’ll probably be sharing a decadent dessert and a bottle of wine with your Valentine. While I’m all for indulging in the sweet holiday (in moderation, of course), it has been proven that couples that stick to a healthy diet together are more likely to succeed.

A 2015 study by the University College London revealed that out of the more than 3,000 couples examined, individuals who made health goals such as losing weight, exercising more and giving up smoking were three times more likely to succeed if their partner was working toward the same goal.

I have found in my own practice that couples that committed to a healthy program together have more often succeeded in sticking with the program than clients whose partners weren’t on board. Having someone to support and share your health goals helps to limit temptation (dining out is easier when your partner isn’t devouring a plate of pasta on the other side of the table). And being united in a goal is the key to strengthening your relationship!

Here are some steps to a healthier lifestyle with your Valentine:

1. Cook together

It doesn’t have to be a holiday to whip up a romantic recipe. “Date night” can be an evening in the kitchen, exploring new foods together — I’ve shared countless delicious, healthy recipes on my blog.

2. Praise each other

When your partner makes a healthy choice, be sure to let them know it! Regularly compliment each other on how good the other looks since making lifestyle changes. And no “guilting” allowed – remember you’re on the same team!

3. Maintain a healthy environment

If you live together, keep the inside of the fridge colorful and fresh. Get rid of anything processed and packaged that’s taking up space in your pantry… since neither of you will be eating it, right?

4. Create healthy habits together

Whether it’s exploring a new hike every weekend or whipping up your favorite alkaline smoothie each morning before work, create healthy rituals to keep you on track and excited about getting healthy, and commit to doing them every day!

5. Lead by example

Always inspire your partner by making healthy choices and opting to get active instead of a night in on the couch. The key to a healthier and happier life for both of you is to support and motivate one another — in your nutrition choices and all other aspects of life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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