How To Burn Fat

13 foods that burn fat and why? We put them above for your viewing pleasure. Because if those few extra pounds you accumulated over the holidays (thanks winter) are still clinging to your body for dear life — despite all those squats you’ve been doing while brushing your teeth — we’re here for ya. Sometimes it seems no amount of gym-going or healthy-eating is doing the trick, and that can be incredibly frustrating.

Before you say “to hell with it” and order a pizza, we have some good news for you. Sure, we all know the basics — drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, and sleeping and eating well all matter. But besides just eating healthy foods, it’s important to know there are certain foods you can eat that burn fat. They’re also really, really good for you in a plethora of other ways on top of that! Burning fat while eating nutritious foods is the quintessential definition of killing two birds with one stone. We’re big fans. Check out these foods above, and tell that stubborn extra layer he or she has overstayed their welcome!

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