The Best Foods For Combination Skin

We are all about beauty from the inside out here at The New Potato, and that goes for consuming the right foods for our skin. We checked in with Dr. Harold Lancer – the Beverly Hills dermatology guru who believes less is more when it comes to skincare.

We’ve covered what to eat for dry skin, but what about you potatoheads out there with both oily and dry – otherwise known as combination skin. He explained that for combination skin its all about balance. Read below to find out what foods should be on your grocery list to make your combination skin all the more radiant…

Combination Skin

A diet tailored to Combination Skin should be well-balanced and focused on keeping the different aspects of skin in harmony. Lean protein, fresh greens, cruciferous vegetables and antioxidant-rich fruits should make up 95% of the diet. Carbohydrates should be limited as much as possible, and when they are consumed should be low-glycemic, high protein carbs like quinoa, brown rice, or millet. Water intake is also very important in balancing skin. Try for sixty-four ounces of water per day.

Foods To Eat For Combination Skin:



Swiss Chard





Wild-caught Salmon, Trout and Sardines



Olive Oil


Brown Rice


Combination Skin Menu:

Breakfast: Asparagus and herb omelette and hot water with lemon

Lunch: Grilled root vegetable salad with protein of choice

Dinner: Baked sweet potato with quinoa and greens

Read Dr. Lancer’s full guide to eating for your skin type, here. Check out these ten ingredients that will make your skin glow