Try Boxing In 2017

Listen, we’re always looking for the new potato – and that includes what’s the newest, hottest potato in fitness. A ton of our tastemakers have been flocking to boxing; should we try it in 2017? Hey, if it will get us a body like Shay Mitchell, we’re willing to try anything once. Read below for the ways our tastemakers like to incorporate boxing in their days….

“Boxing is my thing; I love boxing. I also like spinning, and I like to switch it up. I always want to try new things. There’s this new workout where you’re on a surfboard and trying to balance [Surfset Fitness] and it’s apparently really good for your core – that looks awesome. I love to dance; I love pole dancing…just different things.” – Shay Mitchell

Working out is my all time release, it never fails to make me feel energized and healthy. I’m in that gym every day getting a sweat going through kickboxing, yoga and finding different ways to change up my routine to keep it fun and challenging!” – Elena Kampouris

“On busy mornings I make sourdough toast with Earth Balance butter and Vegemite or a blueberry banana chocolate smoothie. If I have time, I’ll go for a hike or to the boxing gym and then cook a veggie fry up.” – Carrie Keagan

“I love to be outside and staying active. I love to hike, run and surf. I also have started kickboxing and can’t get enough.” – Danielle Campbell

Matcha is the new kale. Full contact kickboxing (with pads and bags) is the new spin. Australia is the new Tribeca/Flatiron—every cool fitness line is coming out of there (The Upside and Vie Active are a couple great ones) and Aussie trainers are gaining so much traction with millions of followers.” – Joyce Chang

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