Make Bone Broth In Your Sleep

Yes, you heard correctly – making bone broth is so easy that you can do it in your sleep. When we spoke with expert Jennie Miremadi she gave us the entire low-down on bone broth from what it is to where you can buy it. She also told us how we could make overnight (aka whilst catching some ZZZs). All you need is a slow-cooker and you are good to go. Now that you know all the benefits to bone broth – get to cooking, or sleeping, or both simultaneously for that matter.

From Jennie Miremadi

You can make a great bone broth in your slow cooker that simmers away while you are sleeping or at work. Just throw all of the ingredients (other than the herbs and garlic) into your slow cooker and let it simmer for the same amount of time as the recipe calls for. Skim scum off of top of the bone broth as necessary, or right before you add the herbs. An hour before the bone broth is finished, wrap the bay leaf, thyme, parsley, peppercorns, garlic and cloves in cheesecloth and add to the bone broth. Let the bone broth simmer for one more hour. Strain the bone broth with a fine mesh sieve, discarding all of the solid ingredients. Skim off the layer of fat at the top of the bone broth. Serve and store any extra bone broth in mason jars in your freezer.

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