8 Ways To Dine Out Healthily

Scroll through above for 8 ways to eat out on a plant-based diet!

We’re obsessed with the restaurant Crossroads in Los Angeles, because it was one of the first times we realized vegan dining could be just as fun as regular dining. Yes, think of a steakhouse or trendy restaurant setting for vegans, and you’re picturing Crossroads. Chef/Owner Tal Ronnen gave us a few tips on how to eat out on a plant-based diet, or just a plant-based evening …

Eating out as a vegan today is much easier than it was in the past. Not only are vegan restaurants popping up everywhere but chefs at some of the best restaurants now offer vegan tasting menus and almost always have great vegan options – sometimes even better than a vegan restaurant. Nowhere else is that more prevalent than The Wynn and Encore in Las Vegas where every restaurant on property has a separate vegan menu including the steakhouse. (Yes, that’s a shameless plug) I’ve spent five years working with the chefs on property there developing these menus.

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