The Ultimate Summer Sushi Guide

Scroll through above for our 30 favorite NYC sushi spots

Sushi is one of our favorite foods to eat in summer. You get your fresh fish fix, while also getting some semblance of a carb that’s on the healthier side. It’s the perfect way to feel like you’re still being mindful while also splurging. It’s also a great lighter choice when it’s super hot out, that still absolutely satisfies our particularly hungry stomachs (as potatoheads).

Whatever occasion it is, sushi always seems to be the right choice. It’s a great indicator of whether someone likes to share or not on a first date, and it can be both a special or casual choice for any occasion: Will you do a quick bite at the bar or the omakase? Will you experiment with a crazy-sounding special or stick to your classic spicy tuna roll? The world is your oyster with sushi, or in this case maybe the world is your Unagi. Scroll through above for our favorite 40 spots for sushi in New York to make your summer nights that much more enjoyable…

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