Your February Horoscope

It might surprise you to know that us potato-heads are huge horoscope people. We follow them religiously in order to know everything from how our work month will turn out to if the new guy one of us is dating is “compatible” (An Aries and a Cancer? Dream on). It’s why we were happy to discover The AstroTwins, aka Tali and Ophira Edut, the identical twins who are astrologists to the stars in their own right. We asked them all about compatibility and how to master love this month according to the stars, and here’s what they had to say…

From The AstroTwins, Ophira & Tali Edut

Valentine’s Day is this month (have you heard?) but what about creating healthy, happy love lives the other 364 days of the year? Let’s face it, if love was so easy, there wouldn’t be a million songs, self-help books, poems and workshops about it, right? We can all get in our own way when it comes to relationships. Here, The AstroTwins identify the major things each sign can do to enjoy a fulfilling love life that works for YOU—not according to the rom-com du jour.

Aries: Don’t try to be like everyone else.

Aries is the trailblazing individual of the zodiac, here to set trends, not follow them. Want to live in separate dwellings even though you’ve been married for years? Or maybe not marry until sixty-six (if at all), like fellow Aries Gloria Steinem? Do you. Unless a simulated royal wedding is truly your fantasy (cue Aries Celine Dion and—gulp—Mariah Carey circa marriage #1), burn the bridal books and write your own script.

Taurus: Don’t make a federal case out of everything.

Oh, how the peaceful Bull can go from zero to sixty when you’re fired up about something. But um, have you had an actual conversation with the person you’re about to gore with your angry horns? Probably not. Learn how to pause before going on the warpath. The “guilty until proven innocent” routine only exhausts you and creates needless drama.

Gemini: Trade selective hearing for active listening.

Words are your secret superpower, o’ storytelling Twin, but they can also be used to manipulate and deceive. Magical thinking can be a dangerous habit—you fall hard for the character sketch you spin about someone, then hear only what fits with that fantasy. Trouble is, the REAL person may be saying something completely different than what comes through your filter. Ask questions and listen…before your bubble is burst by a rude reality check.

Cancer: Keep it “kid-tested, family approved.”

You might as well quit trying to fight it: Your family’s approval of your Chosen One means everything. After all, you’ll probably be summering, vacationing, spending holidays, etc. with a gaggle of nieces, nephews, cousins, siblings, parents, momagers, etc. If your beloved clan goes cold for your amour du jour, it might be dead in the water—unless you know this is a soulmate. Then prepare for an epic battle, mediating between your two greatest loves. Worth it?

Leo: Save your soft spot for deserving candidates.

Nobody loves harder than you, Leo, or stands by their man/woman with as much fierce pride and determination. It’s noble…until it’s not anymore. While your powerful sign could singlehandedly run the whole relationship, there’s really no fun or fulfillment in that. Stop making excuses for bad behavior—including, at times, your own. And beware the power of flattery: it will get your suitors everywhere, but it’s not a great screening technique.

Virgo: Stop looking for things to fix.

One of our Virgo friends recently confessed that her amazing relationship made her uncomfortable…because there were no “big problems” to work on. You’re the sign of the helper, but that doesn’t mean your relationship has to be a rescue mission. Do volunteer work, adopt a pet, learn how to pickle something artisanal. And let your love life be the one thing that’s actually easy.

Libra: Lower the pedestal.

O’ dreamy-eyed Libra, you love to see your partner in an idealized light, but no mere mortal can live up to this fantasy forever. Nor does it serve your long-term odds to (sweetly) mold them into your glossy photo-shoot vision, choosing their clothes, funding their careers and styling their lives with an ever-tightening smile. Soon, resentment eats away at the relationship. You don’t have to be a power couple and the paparazzi isn’t coming (unless you call them).

Scorpio: Stop keeping score.

You have a funny habit of competing with your love interests—subtly at first, then more openly. It’s a power thing: Scorpios are always acutely aware of their place in any hierarchy, as well as how much they’ve given, invested and opened up in comparison to the other person. And while you’ll never be a “bottom,” you can aim for equality over domination. Turning your relationships into a grudge match doesn’t prevent you from getting hurt; in fact, it increases the odds that you will.

Sagittarius: Recognize that hope is a drug.

Yours is the sign of the optimist, Sag, and while the power of positive thinking gets you far in life, the modern-day Pygmalion act could find you wasting years on an undeserving person with “so much potential.” It’s not your job to play life coach, Sag, so continue to be open-minded, but have a bottom line. To paraphrase the late Tupac, “You can’t turn a ho into a housewife [or husband].” Harsh, but maybe true?

Capricorn: Nostalgia is a trap.

Repeat after us: Nobody will ever measure up to your first love. So unless you move back to your hometown and marry this person (which you totally might), don’t get lost in those amorous archives. Find someone who has the best qualities of your childhood hearthrob. But don’t compare the rosy-tinted hues of memory lane to a real-deal adult with valuable life experience—which is what people need to sustain lasting intimacy, after all.

Aquarius: Be here now.

You’re the sign of the future, which makes you a thrilling co-adventurer and visionary. Alas, this can also give you a wicked case of grass-is-greener syndrome. Will anyone ever be “enough” for your idealistic standards? Perhaps being conscious of your wandering mind (and eye) will help—think of it as window-shopping instead of trying on the merchandise. Or, just admit that monogamy ain’t your thing and stop leading people on.

Pisces: Examine your serial monogamy habit.

Like a fish darting through the shadows, you can flit and flow from one relationship into the next. Breakups “mysteriously” overlap with new romances. There’s no such thing as a rebound for you, just your next serious LTR. Sure, your fellow Pisces Einstein theorized that time is relative, but would it kill ya to take a self-reflective little breather between your epic love stories?

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