Your Weekend Cheat Day

It’s the weekend, time to have a cheat day, otherwise known as a deliciously fulfilling twenty-four hours where the world is your oyster and you order oysters, and seafood platters, and pizza, and cheddar burgers…wait what were we talking about?

Our weekend cheat days are inspired by the Ideal Food Days of our tastemakers, and while the last few weeks we gave you ones you could cook at home or go out and do in NYC, today we’re taking care of you West Coasters. Jaime King’s Ideal Food Day starts in San Francisco and ends in LA, so uh, that’s just what we’ll do. Don’t worry New Yorkers, we’re sure you can find likeminded picks here…

My ideal food day would be getting up in the morning, being in San Francisco, getting Blue Bottle Coffee and an amazing croissant. I would go to Sugarfish and have lunch. Probably everyone says that but it’s really delicious. Then I’d walk over to Bouchon and get the beignets for later, which I typically just eat two minutes later. Dinner would be at Chateau Marmont, eating either bolognese, the cheeseburger with truffle fries, or oysters with the butter lettuce salad.

Read our full interview with Jaime, here. Want more cheat day ideas? Check out what Chrissy Teigen or Daphne Oz love to eat.