The Top 8 Dry Brushes

What is a dry brush anyways? We were asking ourselves the same thing after we spoke to New York Times best selling author, Kris Carr. The idea of taking your highly coveted, Mason Pearson to your back seems wrong, just plain wrong. Don’t worry; that’s not how its supposed to go down. Kris Carr told us all the reasons why we should be brushing our skin (including reducing cellulite) and how to do it. Peruse above for our favorites, and see below from Carr for why it’s good for you, and how to do it right…

 “I brush on a regular basis. We regularly release toxins out of our skin so it’s important to keep the pathway clear. Dry brushing loosens dead cells, stimulates acupressure points, moves the lymph and some say it even helps reduce cellulite (I agree!). The best part is that dry brushing leaves your skin velvety soft. You can buy a natural bristle brush at any health food store. Personally, I use those cheap little loofah gloves.”

How to brush: Start with your feet and work your way up your body using circular strokes, moving toward your heart. But dry brushing isn’t rocket science; you can really do it any way you want. The best to time brush is before a shower or bath. And remember, be gentle.

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