What Is Bone Broth?

Lately everyone has been talking about the importance of bone broth, but what is it? We spoke with Jennifer Miremadi who gave us the ultimate guide to everything we need to know about bone broth. In case you missed it, we wanted to revisit the question – what is bone broth exactly and how is it different from stock? Read below to brush up on your bone broth knowledge. It will no doubt make you want to start incorporating this dish into your daily meal plan stat.

From Jennifer Miremadi

To explain what bone broth is, it helps to first talk about the differences between bone broth, broth and stock. Differentiating between them can be confusing as these words are often used interchangeably. Most agree that bone broth, broth and stock all basically have these same ingredients: bones or meat (or both), vegetables, herbs/seasonings, and water.  The ingredients are simmered together and then everything but the liquid is strained and discarded.

However, while broth is primarily prepared with meat and a small number of bones, stock is typically made with mostly bones and then simmered with vegetables and herbs, and often wine or vinegar for several hours. Broths are pretty light, and generally thinner and cloudier than stocks. Stocks tend to be clearer, thicker, and more gelatinous than broths. Stocks are often used in restaurants, while broths tend to be used in home cooking.

While people have different takes on what bone broth is, the general consensus is that bone broth is nearly identical to stock, but is simmered for a longer amount of time than what is called for in most stock recipes. Although there isn’t a bright-line rule about how long bone broth needs to be cooked, most bone broth is simmered for at least twenty-four hours. And, a good bone broth contains vinegar to help extract minerals from the bones.

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