4 Tips for Success in Going Vegan

It’s 2016 and no doubt one of your resolutions was most likely to eat healthier this year. You may have even decided to go vegan; a shock to everyone you know as you’re one of those people who cherished their Friday night bacon cheeseburger complete with a double dirty martini.

If that’s the case you are probably on the struggle bus when it comes to subsisting on only veggies. Enter Daphne Cheng. She is the master when its comes to all things plants. Not only did she give us the ultimate guide to going vegan but also provided us with four great tips to succeeding. Check out her hacks below…

1. Be adventurous!

There are thousands of different fruits and vegetables, make it a game to try them all! Explore your local farmers markets & specialty/ethnic food stores. Don’t be afraid of things you’ve never seen or cooked before, Google is your friend or you can ask me on Twitter. Now is the time to try new things, as you find new favorites to add to your eating repertoire.

2. Play with your food! Incorporate different textures and flavors to keep things interesting.

They say that “variety is the spice of life” for a reason. Using contrasting textures in a dish can elevate it from boring to  by chopping, spiralizing, slicing, blending, juicing, whipping. Add fresh herbs for fresh flavors to enhance your meals. Play with the balance of savory, sweet, acid, bitter, and umami flavors. With infinite possibilities, you’ll never feel deprived.

3. Don’t head straight to the meat substitutes

There are many mock meat products available, and some of them a quite good, but this robs you of the opportunity to explore and discover a world beyond meat and its imitators. If it helps you make the transition though, by all means, enjoy them! My personal favorites are Gardein and Beyond Meat.

4. Focus on what you can have, rather than on what you can’t

It’s all about the right, positive mindset. Avoid thinking, “Oh no I can’t have this anymore, I am missing out on so much.” Think instead about the abundance of the plant kingdom. Think about an overflowing plate of delicious vegetables and grains that are satisfying in every way. When you fill up on fiber-rich foods, you will automatically have less room and desire for other less healthy foods.

Check out these easy vegan swaps to help you succeed or peruse these great recipes from Daphne Cheng.