Your Weekend Cheat Day

What’s a cheat day really? It’s something absolutely necessary at a time like this, when – though we attempt to practice balance – our minds are in serious “cleanse mode” (even if our actions don’t follow). Last week we launched the first story of a new series where we pick our favorite Ideal Food Day and choose it as your next cheat day. Either you can cook your way through with recipes we give you, or we’ll suggest where to get each dish…this week’s you’ll be doing both!

We threw back to an interview with the queen of all things food – The Chew’s Daphne Oz – to find out all the different ways we could create a cheat day from her Ideal Food Day. We had lots of material to work with…

“An everything bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. A perfect French baguette with burrata, ripe tomato, basil and a drizzle of garlic-chili oil for lunch. Roasted chicken, crisp French fries and a salad with bright dressing for dinner, and Brownie à la Mode for dessert. And lots and lots of wine.” – Daphne Oz

Read our full interview with Daphne here. Want more cheat day ideas? Check out Shanola Hampton’s ideal food day.